11 February, 2008

my recent life

University life makes me a sane person. I feel whole and complete, a feeling which I have lost for many years. It calms me down and the frequency I am depressed and stressed decreases dramatically. Staying away from exams and pressure, and maybe my family, my mother, and embracing something I really love, twists my life. It tunes me back to normal. I pick up books I love and movies I like and music I enjoy, and sing in my band once everyweek. I write in my journal daily, and check my organizer to see what to do for Sonic Bloom. I hang out with my university friends and friends I love. We do things we love to do like going to the movie, and discuss it enthusiastically. I talk to my friends about music and CDs and live shows, something I used to talk about only with net friends. We learn about photography, art of moving image, experimental art works and all those artists and films and documentaries impressionism cubism and all those abstract paintings at school. My friends create their own pin hole cameras and try to see the world through different viewfinders. We shoot videos according to the style we like. We go to drink and sing sometime. We play guitar and we perform. We make songs in midnight when we can't fall asleep. Late in the lesson again the next day.

I am happy.
I am not happy.

A little part of me died.
Something inside me is lost forever.


kei said...

just drop by and glad to hear from you here again. enjoy your current precious university life!

Anonymous said...

i miss the days i was talking to you. sigh